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Ahh Vermont - The Art of Being Brunette
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Fri, Jan. 23rd, 2004 10:24 am
Ahh Vermont

Take a look at the above picture. Just snow you say, do you see the snow angels? Those aren't just plain old everyday snow angels. Those are snow angels made by naked bodies. My naked body included. Yep, all part of the wild and crazy adventures in Vermont over the last weekend.

So Saturday Morning after practice Tobin invites me up to Vermont to go skiing. I tell her I'll think about it. And after having checked prices and talked to my parents I was set not to go. But then my parents called me back and told me to charge the lift and rental to their credit card. And so the adventure started.

Quick packing, a bunch of blankets and a trip to Wollaston's later we pack ourselves into Tobin's car and start our long drive in the dark up to Tobin's father's Vermont house. The house is this big old mansion (at least I think it was a mansion), that he's renovating into 3 condos. Anyways only one of the condos is done, which means that only the living room and one bedroom has heat. It being an old, mostly unheated building, the pipes were frozen. So we had No Indoor Plumbing which I think made half the trip.

So we get up there unload the car, start heating the heatable areas of the house, and make some dinner. We also start drinking. Drinking=having to pee. And having to pee we did. Squatted along the edge of the house the ladies took their pees and left tissue paper on the ground behind them (I think Cherith has those pictures (which will never be released)). John loved peeing. He just went out on the porch, threw his hand behind his head, leaned back and let go. His great joy... "Ahhh Vermont", a place where you can do that at night. Later on in the trip he took to just peeing out the window.

So we played Kings, which is a game that involves mixing our drinks into one big cup and making up rules as we go along. There's a lot more to it, but those are the important parts of our story. Cherith and my rules didn't last very long, they being "Talk in an accent for the rest of the game" and "lick your lips seductively before you pick up a card". Lets say that when Cherith decided to declare that we weren't doing her rule, I demonstated what we should be doing. The only problem was that as I exagerated the pleasurable licking of lips, I was lying under my green blanket with my hands under the blanket. Tobin, who probably wasn't paying attention at the time, thought it was hilarious, declaring that I was having a bit too much fun. Which I wasn't but it was still funny.

John's rule was "Say "In Bed" at the end of every sentence. For example "What do you want to do tommorrow, in bed?" It became a classic joke for the rest of the trip.

Midway through the game we decided to do naked snow angels. I don't remember how it came up, but next thing I know, I was outside in only a towel ready to go. Contrary to my nature, when Tobin went running out into the snow, I followed and actually did a snow angel. Which was very cold. Axten also came running out into the snow with us. But I don't think she actually made a snow angel. (Cherith has a picture of that too). John, being from Florida was too cold to participate.

After we had warmed up, we danced, the five of us, in the middle of the kitchen. Oh and we had a massage party too.

The next morning I woke up extra early. Our room was freezing and I had slept under 6 blankets. I shared a king size with Cherith and remarkably, both of us were at the edges of our sides of the bed. You would have thought that we would have eventually sought heat from each other.

So I did the dishes (boiled water) and woke everyone up. Not everyone was ready to be woken up.

And after a lot of time preparing, we headed off to Killington.

By the time we got there, we got half-day lift tickets. Cherith got her rentals I put on Tobin's dad skis. I guess having giant feet can be useful. And we headed up the mountain for some easy runs. For those inquiring minds, our base was SnowShed.

Most of us had been skiing for a long time. It was Cherith's second time. So I decided at one point to break off from the group and go down a double diamond (Double diamond = experts only). John followed me. Next thing we knew, we were on a double diamond with Moguls. Something that neither of us liked. But we made it down that part nice and slowly.

Little did we know that the others had not followed the green trail as expected, but had instead decided to follow us down that trail. Apparently Cherith almost made it through all the moguls. But her glasses fogged up and she couldn't see the last one. So she ended up landing face first.

She had to slide on her butt all the rest of the way down the DD, even infront of first aid people on snowmobiles. In retrospect she thinks it's funny now. But I'm sure she wasn't too happy then.

John and I got to the bottom of the mountain and didn't see our friends. We assumed that they had gotten down faster than we had. After all it had taken us a while to get down the moguls. So after having waited a little we went up the Gondola unaware of Cherith's accident. We had a bunch of good runs. Except for a single Diamond with Moguls that was harder than the DD. We watched as everyone who attempted it fell at least once. We attempted it and also fell, but just once each.

We finally met up with Tobin and Axten and finished off a nice day of skiing. Collected Cherith, who had made a nice purchase of a T-shirt "Double Diamond... for experts only." Went back to base camp and headed back towards the house.

We stopped at a diner, were we ate a lot. Especially me. Another new inside joke, "Leave her alone, she has to feed the Phantom baby". Obviously I was only eating for myself. But I was so hungry and the food was so good.

We headed back to the house, packed up, cleaned up. And all got ready to go back to Boston. The car wouldn't start. After several attempts, Tobin called Joe to tell him about it. What could we do, it was past 8pm on a Sunday night.

So we unloaded the car and restarted the furnace. Our second night wasn't as crazy as the first. We watched movies, sang along to John's guitar playing, told jokes. But then came the kicker. We decided to play a game of hide-and-go seek in the old mansion. We had a lot of fun.

So after staying up really late talking we all headed back to bed.

Tobin's dad came up the next day. They got the car fixed. I did some homework. We had some lunch, cleaned up and packed up (again) and headed back to Boston. We listened to a fair bit of Dixie Chicks on our way back, that made me happy.

In conclusion, I will always remember our trip to Ahhh Vermont, in bed. From the lack of plumbing, to the naked snow angels, to going down a double diamond on your face, and playing hide and go seek in an old house in the middle of renovations.

Thanks for the good times guys.

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Night MareE
Fri, Jan. 23rd, 2004 04:20 pm (UTC)

I wonder how willing your parents would have been to fund the trip if they knew yer naked but was going to be in the snow, waggling away! heheheh =)