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The Art of Being Brunette
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Fri, Apr. 2nd, 2004 09:27 pm
Well at least the person I'm stuck with will think I'm beautiful :-P

Who will you be stuck with at end of time? by chi_a_baidh
Your name is
Your sex is
Your favorite color is
You are stuck there becauseyou escaped a nuclear war
For _____ years54
He/She will think you arebeautiful
You willkill yourself
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Fri, Jan. 30th, 2004 12:00 pm

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide


Thu, Jan. 29th, 2004 09:39 am
A man is dating three women and wants to decide which to marry. He decides
to give them a test. He gives each woman a present of $5,000 and watches to
see what they do with the money.

The first does a total make over. She goes to a fancy beauty salon, gets her
hair done, new make up and buys several new outfits and dresses up very
nicely for the man. She tells him that she has done this to be more
attractive for him because she loves him so much. The man was impressed.

The second goes shopping to buy the man gifts. She gets him a new set of
golf clubs, some new gizmos for his computer, and some expensive clothes.
As she presents these gifts, she tells him that she has spent all the money
on him because she loves him so much. Again, the man is impressed.

The third invests the money in the stock market. She earns several times the
$5,000. She gives him back his $5000 and reinvests the remainder in a joint
account. She tells him that she wants to save for their future because she
loves him so much. Obviously, the man was impressed.

The man thought for a long time about what each woman had done with the
money he'd given her.

Then, he married the one with the biggest tits.

Men are like that, you know. :-P


Thu, Jan. 29th, 2004 01:00 am
What do you do when you get to the point were you realise, that you've never had to take care of yourself?

While working out today, I cut myself picking up an erg. Not just a little cut either, it's a 4" long cut that actually bled. It didn't occur to me til a good 4 hours later (even though it hurt that whole time) that I should probably clean and dress the wound.

In the past someone would take me aside, and do it for me. Hold my hand while they disinfected it. Before boys it was my parents. It just never hit me that for once in my life, I am truely alone. With no one to love me, and no crushes to work on.

He's right, I'm not grown up. But I've never had to be. I've always had someone on the go. I've looked forward to the future. And now all I want to do is take steps back.

I'll be fine, the cut will heal, I'll get over it and I'll grow up.


Fri, Jan. 23rd, 2004 10:24 am

Take a look at the above picture. Just snow you say, do you see the snow angels? Those aren't just plain old everyday snow angels. Those are snow angels made by naked bodies. My naked body included. Yep, all part of the wild and crazy adventures in Vermont over the last weekend.

Read all about itCollapse )

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Wed, Jan. 21st, 2004 10:43 pm

I ran into Prof. Massey today. You know my favorite Proffessor with the incredible voice? He remembered my name, were I was from and what sport I played. Then while talking to him I kept laughing. He then said:

"It's nice to see that you still laugh a lot. You are one of those people that never stop smiling, and if you ever see them not smiling you know that something is terribly wrong... like the end of the world."

So I guess I generally look like I'm usually in a good mood :-P

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Fri, Jan. 16th, 2004 05:25 pm
So funny --> Drunk Girl



Thu, Jan. 15th, 2004 11:45 pm

So crew practice this morning was a weight circuit. We all thought we were done, then Joe told us we were only half-way done. There were some unhappy faces in the room, mine included.

So I had 20 minutes to shower and run to class.

I had my 4 classes in a row, no food. My first french culture class was actually quite interesting. I think I'm going to enjoy the class. The only homework assigned (other than a final written report and 2 exams) is reading this 300 page book with fairly large writing.

After Dynamics Class, Eric dragged me to go eat. Apparently I must have looked like I was about to black out. There was this like wild wild west thing going on in the Student Center, and seeing as Eric had an hour to kill before his train, we checked it out. I got 2 free T-shirts and some other random free stuff.

Then I met up with Roundtree, and we went to do the western pictures, for free. And then had our caricatures drawn, for free. Sure we had to wait in line, but it was worth it. I'll post the scanned pictures later. Remind me if you have to.

We went to dinner, then I did volunteer study hall. Who does Volunteer Study Hall???? I do, especially when the pool doesn't open for an hour and a half and I have to do some homework anyways. Roundtree had to be there.

Then we went swimming for a little over an hour, wow do my calves hurt.

Then seeing as the wind-chill was -27F we decided to go to After-Hours to let our hair dry. It was empty. But we still hung out, watched some TV, found out that the windchill was going to hit -40F tonight and had some food and smoothies.

Then we brilliantly got a ride home with Campus Public Safety. No frost-bite for us :-)

Finally I came home... and almost booked a flight home, not remembering that my coach may have plans that conflict with the early flight. Can't afford another change now can I?


Mon, Jan. 12th, 2004 04:52 pm

I just got reminded today about how much my birthday sucks. This is because I was talking about going home for my birthday weekend. Butterfly decided to point out:

"well no offence but valentines is a sucky day to have a birthday if you want to come home on it, cos even if we werent having a girls night at the hotel, and a guys night whereever they go, we would be doig things with our boyfriends/girlfriends for valentines day, no?"

I wasn't even asking if they would do something with me on my birthday, just the day before and after. But that was a nice stab to the heart. I've been aware of how much having a birthday on the 14th sucks ever since I was in elementary school. The other children got cards from the other kids on their birthday. I got a "P.S. happy birthday" on the bottom of the regular generic valentine cards that kids give each other.

Then as I got older it sucked even more. I couldn't have the birthday parties on my birthday because my friends had to go out with their boyfriends/girlfriends (or my boyfriend at the time would insist on spending it with just me). So I have never had a birthday party on my birthday.

And sometimes parents like to celebrate valentines day. But mine are pretty good at only doing it if I have other plans.

You see Valentines Day can suck more than other holiday birthdays (although I admit that the getting jipped on presents at christmas can suck too). Most of them involve the gathering of family and friends anyways. Thanksgiving, Christmas, are big family holidays. New Years eve, Halloween, St.Patty's day, Canada Day, are all big party days. Dual holidays can be celebrated. But Valentines day has it's own little tradition. People pair off and go celebrate on their own. So there is no big party, no gathering of friends.

So Valentines day can be a VERY lonely birthday.

So what is the point of this rant? I don't need anyone pointing out to me why my birthday sucks. I'm fully aware of it and it's really painful when people think they need to explain to me why it sucks. I think they should explain why my friends (past and present) can never move their plans one day forward or one day back and celebrate my birthday on the day it was ment to be celebrated.

And unless you have a holiday birthday, you have no right to judge how a person feels about that day.

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Mon, Jan. 12th, 2004 08:33 am

So I rearranged my room over the past few days. I needed to keep busy to forget about my second breakup with Drew. In the process the room became clean. This was such an achievement that I decided to take pictures. To see the pictures you can check out


I also added the link to my main site.


Bahh our water is shut off so they can replace a sewer line :-P

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